Withdrawal Policy

Finance & Audit Research Archive (FARA) is committed to providing a platform for high-quality research and analysis in the fields of finance and auditing. We understand that circumstances may arise where authors may need to withdraw their submitted letters. This policy outlines the process for withdrawing letters from FARA.

1. Grounds for Withdrawal:

Authors may withdraw their letters before or after publication for the following reasons:

  • Errors or inaccuracies: If the letter contains factual errors or inaccuracies discovered after submission, authors may request withdrawal to correct and resubmit the letter.
  • Ethical concerns: If the letter raises ethical concerns or violates FARA's publication guidelines, authors may be required to withdraw the letter.
  • Duplicate publication: If the letter has been published elsewhere or is under consideration for publication elsewhere, authors must disclose this information and may be required to withdraw the letter.
  • Author request: Authors may request withdrawal of their letter at any stage of the review or publication process for any reason.

2. Withdrawal Process:

  • Before publication: Authors can withdraw their letter by submitting a written request to the editor-in-chief. The request should clearly state the reason for withdrawal.
  • After publication: If a letter has already been published, it cannot be completely removed from FARA's website. However, authors can request a retraction notice to be published alongside the letter, stating the reason for withdrawal.

3. Consequences of Withdrawal:

  • Before publication: If a letter is withdrawn before publication, it will not be included in the FARA archive or indexed in any databases.
  • After publication: If a letter is withdrawn after publication, it will remain accessible on the FARA website with a retraction notice attached. Citations of the letter may need to be updated to reflect its withdrawn status.