Factors Affecting the Business Performance of the Companies: Evidence from Pakistan Listed Banks


  • Sarim Khan Ms Scholar of Accounting business of University of Islamabad
  • Karishma Wadood Ms Scholar of Accounting business of University of Islamabad


Performance of the Companies:Evidence from Pakistan Listed Banks


The study's goal was to uncover elements that influence the business performance of Vietnam-listed joint stock commercial banks. The study's goal was to determine the impact of macroeconomic and government laws, clientele, funding sources, leadership and promotional methods, and promotional strategies on the business performance of Vietnamese commercial banks listed on the stock exchange. The research study used a descriptive research design as its principal approach, collecting data via questionnaires from a sample of joint stock commercial banks registered in Vietnam. Data was gathered from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data was acquired by distributing questionnaires to the institutions' personnel. Their goal was to elicit a wide range of responses from participants, which were then used to answer the study questions. The survey consisted of closed-ended questions, while secondary data sources included institutional annual reports and previous studies. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 21.0) as well as advanced Excel. Reports were compiled using frequency tables for clarity. The research discovered a link between the independent factors of customer, finance source, advertising techniques, and leadership and the dependent variable of business performance. According to the study's findings, clientele and funds had the largest impact on commercial bank performance, followed by promotional techniques. According to the findings, the impact of leadership on the performance of the bank was rather minor. The study suggests that financial sector participants maintain an acceptable clientele and support healthy competition. Scholars, the government, and the private sector should be made aware of the findings in order to help secure the nation's economic stability, as banking is a significant sector.