Evaluation Of Online Classrooms For Students With Disabilities


  • Sajid Ahmad PhD Scholar department of Management Science University of Peshawar


effectiveness, inclusivity, accessibility, disabilities, Online education


The Shepherd special needs school in Nottingham, UK use virtual learning environments (VLEs) that have been specifically designed to cater to the educational needs of children with severe learning impairments. This study provides a complete account of the methodology employed in the development of a testing plan for the Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) under investigation. The assessment of the design of three Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and the students' utilization of these platforms in accordance with constructivist learning theory was conducted using an evaluation approach. A field research was conducted to observe studentteacher pairs using virtual learning environments (VLEs). The study identified eighteen behavior categories that aligned with five of Jonassen's (1994) seven constructivist principles. The actions of teachers and students were examined in order to substantiate or refute the principles of constructivism. The three virtual learning environments (VLEs) exhibit varying degrees of commitment to constructivist concepts, and suggestions for enhancing their adherence are provided.