Waiver Eligibility


This policy outlines the criteria and process for granting waivers of publication fees for "Finance & Audit Research Archive letters". The Archive offers a platform for the rapid dissemination of high-quality research findings in the form of concise letters, making it particularly attractive for early-career researchers and those working on emerging topics. Recognizing the potential financial constraints faced by some authors, the Archive offers a waiver program to ensure equitable access to publication.

Eligibility Criteria

Waivers may be granted to authors who meet the following criteria:

Application Process

To apply for a waiver, authors should submit the following documents along with their manuscript:

Decision-Making Process

Waiver applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of senior academics in the field of finance and auditing. The committee will consider the eligibility criteria mentioned above, as well as the overall quality and potential impact of the submitted research. Decisions will be communicated to applicants within four weeks of submission.