Financial Stability of the Financial Institutions


  • Amna Alam Ms Scholar at University of Lahore
  • Awais Jamal Ms Scholar at University of Lahore


Regulatory, Asset quality, Capital adequacy, Financial institutions, Financial stability, democratic institutions and rule of law, Organizations, Screate force


The purpose, activities, and financial stability of the several illegal armed groups operating in Guatemala are investigated in this special report. These so-called "clandestine groups," which have been around for as long as Guatemala's 36-year civil war, are discussed as an unresolved aftereffect of the conflict. It is alleged that the "hidden powers" in Guatemala control underground organizations. Because they are immune to detection and punishment, the individuals and organizations known as "hidden powers" profit from and keep tabs on a wide variety of criminal enterprises. As a result, organized crime, drug trafficking, and corruption flourish while the people and the legal system suffer. Repeated acts of violence undermine Guatemala's democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Keywords: Secrete force, Organizations, democratic institutions and rule of law